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Pink is the colour of the heart, of compassion and love, with all the crazy stuff happening in our world and in our hearts, I feel love and compassion is something we need more of.

The lotus flower is amazing, it shoots and roots reach down in to all the dark, murkey sludge and emerges in beauty and radiance. This is such a positive message for anyone who has been lost in the darkness, that the darkness itself can actually be the food for our growth to shine in purity, enlightenment, and creation.

I have set up this site as I’m involved with a few different projects, this website is a good place to link them all together.

The first business that I set up is Sustainable Health, this is fundamentally a holistic treatments and training website, through this website you can book retreats, training and natural medicine treatments with me and the beautiful team that I work with.

I have been practicing for over 20 years Massage, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Indian Head Massage, Foot Massage, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Naturopathy and Cleansing. I absolutely love using Herbal Medicines and helping the body to heal with harmless natural medicines. I am passionate about our environment, the production of pharmaceuticals is extremely harmful for our environment. I believe that if we can learn to live in harmony with our bodies and our environment, there is less need for such harsh medicines to be used so flippantly.  We have got to come back to nature and take care of our bodies and our planet while we have the chance.

In 2009 I started learning Trapeze and Aerial arts, I set up the Cave of Mystery circus training space in Temple Cloud, now called Temple Cloud Circus, here we offer many classes in Aerial Circus. We offer Aerial rope, Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze and Loops classes. I also make beautiful Trapeze Boots.   I love performing Aerial rope and go to many festivals and events with our amazing trapeze rig to put on shows. We have a brilliant QSC 2000 sound system for our shows.

Mainly at events and festivals we set up a very beautiful and luxury healing space in yurts. I have actually made these yurts completely myself (all but one). I love the saying we create our own reality, so when we are working in the yurts I feel a special sense of achievement, as I did all the wood work and canvas sewing myself. As well as the yurts and Aerial Circus Rig, we have  big 60×40 or 40×40 Beautiful Indian Wedding Tent. All of our festival and event work is advertised on our Pink Lotus Creations Website. 

I am passionate about helping our clients access herbal medicines and essential oils that they can actually trust. There is a lot of confusion in the industry, and a lot of companies are now trying to get on the band waggon of Herbal Medicines and Natural Health, as these ancient remedies become fashionable again. Often products are massively processed and in the end are almost completely absent of their natural healing constituents and phytochemicals. Honestly from my experience of 20 years working in the industry, its is so IMPORTANT where the herbs have been grown, and how, and what processes have happened to them. I have set up Pink Lotus Apothecary to sell super high grade, Whole, Organic Herbs and Essential Oils that you can trust.

It is on this site Pink Lotus Sammy that I will start my Youtube Blog on the News page, so please check back for updates and exciting info.

I have been over to India researching how I can start a production line of Ethical, Organic and Naturally Dyed Clothing for Circus, as I am horrified by the amount of plastic clothes we are consuming, the plastic micro fibres polluting our environment, not to mention the harm to the environment of the dyes used in the clothing industry. I am starting a Pink Lotus Sammy Clothing and Accessory Label, the shop will be on this site eventually.

BTW, Im dyslexic so any mistakes that I have made please feel free to let me know. I welcome your feedback.

You can contact me on sammy@pinklotussammy.com

or 07817672219

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