Sammy’s Movie Blog!

Movies or Series I can recommend.

A Cure for Wellness (prime) – I love this movie.

Wheel of Time (prime) -i liked it.

Soulmates (prime) – Yep this was a winner.

Dr Death -(prime)

The Human Solution – A unbelievable and shocking true story on eugenics.

Human Experiments (prime) –

Too Close (prime)

Stay Close (Netflix) – a brilliant example of how confusing and shocking it can be when someone close turns out to be a serial killer or Campbell of terrible crimes. This movie clearly represents to complex feelings involved with being close to a criminal, and how the criminal is often the most unsuspecting person.

Iceman (prime)

Guns Akimbo (prime)

Escape form Pretoria (Prime)

Keeping Rosie

Don’t Look Up – Loved it, watched it twice in the same week.