Trapeze Boots

I made beautiful Trapeze boots “Gaiters” . I have over 100 pairs in stock at “Cave of Mystery, Temple Cloud Circus and Aerial Training Space.”   They are also in stock at “Aircraft Circus London”

Here is my trapeze boot website :

My Trapeze Boot Story

In my third year of Circus (2013) I attended a “No fit State” show. I was amazed watching swinging trapeze artist “Lyndall” who can do pirouettes, a move that is super difficult IMO. After the show I stayed to chat to the Super Fantastic Rigger “Howie” (who also helps us with Pink Lotus Creations), during this time Lyndall came out, and I absolutely had to meet him. I explained to Lyndall the problems that I was having at the time, holding ankles (a trapeze move). He asked me if I trained with trapeze boots, then he told me that I needed to get some. I realised that I absolutely had to get my hands urgently on a pair, I had ordered a pair 18 months before this but unfortunately due to a terrible accident that pair still was not ready for me and I felt a sense of urgency…..I called my auntie who teaches sewing and has over 50 years experience pattern making and sewing. After 2 days of pain staking thinking and wrapping cellophane around my feet I don’t know how many times, I finally produced my first pair of Trapeze boots. The moment came for me to put them on my feet! OMG they didnt fit…. I was teaching a class that night and one of my students tried them on, they fit her perfectly. She offered to buy them. After this began my epic Trapeze Boot production. Since this time I have changes my pattern at least 20 times and I have made over 300 pairs of boots. I keep in stock at least 100 pairs at all times.

However since this day I have discovered that Lyndall also makes Trapeze Boots , and I have always wondered how different my life would be if he had mentioned this, and made me a pair, could be that he was too busy on tor at the time, to be able to make a pair for me. But I bet his boots are great!